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Mill Hill, London, 2019

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Report Fly-tipping

Report any fly-tipping here, we will then immediately notify the local council or registered landowner to get it removed. It’s extremely simple to use and every report you submit will help us gather vital evidence to help catch and prosecute the culprits.

Waste comparison quotes

Our price comparison service ensures that every quote you get is from a company with a current Environment Agency Waste Carriers licence. This will save you time, money, and ensure your disposal of waste is legally compliant and environmentally friendly.

Clear Cycle Adverts

Don’t throw it, help the environment and recycle it here. Our Clear Cycle classified ads are a great way to find or dispose of unwanted items. Remember, "one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure".

Latest Reports

  • 76 reports created in the last 7 days
  • 253 reports closed in the last 3 months
  • Most fly-tipped county is Greater London.
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The ClearWaste Advert

Fly-tipping affects everyone and we've been working hard, with the help of some familiar faces, to raise awareness and tackle the problem head on. John Challis, Emily Head & Frankie Oatway star in our upcoming adverts to help promote ClearWaste, and to help us combat the growing plight of flytipping all over the country.

People cleaning up rubbish from a beach

Become a Waste warrior

If you would like to be more involved locally you can register to be one of our Waste Warriors. These amazing people help by organising or taking part in local clean-ups, or recycling initiatives. It’s a practical way to make a big difference to the local environment and help wildlife in your area. Even if that just means helping to raise awareness over social media.

Become A Waste Warrior Today

Company check

Don’t risk hefty fines for using unlicensed waste removal companies. Did you know you have a legal responsibility to ensure that any kind of waste that you seek to have removed is disposed of correctly, by an Environment Agency licensed carrier. If you don’t check their credentials and it gets fly-tipped, you will be liable for all of the clean up costs as well as fines and possible legal action. So, before you use anyone to remove any kind of waste make sure that you check here to see if they are licensed.

An example environment agency checklist

Own a licenced waste removal company?

Register it here, it’s a totally free service and you can start quoting for business as soon as we check your licensing.

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