Men Fined For Dumping Waste Illegally

Three men have been fined for dumping waste illegally at a huge fly-tipping site in Hampshire.

Plans announced for deposits on bottles, cans and cups

As the UK tries to pave the way to a greener future, new plans have been released which could see consumers forced to pay a returnable deposit on bottles, cans and disposable cups.

Mass fly-tippers who dumped tons of rubbish convicted

An uncle and nephew have been convicted of dumping waste from household refits on derelict land in north London.

Councils Ban Vans Using The Tip

With almost a million fly-tipping incidents a year occurring in England alone last year, is the approach by the council to ban vans using the tip just making things worse?

UK Government To Ban Baby Wipes and Single-use Nappies

Many busy parents say they want to do more to help, but admit their lives would be made much harder.

Oceans In Peril As They Continue To Be Filled With Rubbish

One area of open ocean in the North Pacific has an unusually large collection of plastics, so much so, that it has been named as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

People power forces supermarkets to ditch plastic

We are now seeing more companies than ever sitting up to take responsibility for their products and their packaging.

Children take the lead when it comes to recycling

Recent figures have shown that children are leading the way when it comes to wanting to change the world to make it a better place.

How recycling can make a world of difference

Turning drink bottles into fleeces – how recycling can make a world of difference

Too good to be true

If the price to remove your rubbish sounds too good to be true then it almost certainly will be.

Stars line-up to combat litter bugs and fly-tippers

Actress and presenter Joanna Lumley absolutely hates litter. “It’s so casual and dreary and it wrecks everything”

The fight on dirty streets

Despite a wealth of information being made readily available for people highlighting the issues caused by fly-tipping in the UK, recent Government statistics show it is still a very real problem.