Photo of Martin Montague

My name is Martin montague, I am the founder of ClearWaste, the new completely free app to combat fly tipping. I hate Fly tipping and the damage it does to our environment not to mention the cost of clearing it up. I have privately funded the development of ClearWaste to help reduce waste crime.

I believe it will help people to be aware of their social and legal obligations when disposing of their waste. Additionally it will reduce the impact on the environment and save local authorities and councils tens of millions of pounds a year.

ClearWaste created the first fully national system for reporting fly tipping, making it easier and safer than ever before for consumers to find and use legitimate and licensed waste carriers, avoiding rogue traders. This is backed by the ClearWaste guarantee, protecting Consumers even further.

Our mission is to help educate people on their responsibilities when disposing of their waste. We actively encourage people in communities to become Waste Warriors, bringing like minded people together to improve their local environments.

ClearWaste is lobbying the government to increase fines and custodial sentences for those who continue to flout the law.

We really do need your help; please help us in raising awareness on our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube by sharing posts and liking posts to spread the word. We are always open to new Ideas and suggestions: If you have one we would love to hear from you.

The future of the planet is important, the decisions we make today are the legacy of the future.

Thanks for your support