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Never lose another job to a cheap fly-tipper. Grow your business & help protect the environment.

Reach more customers

Reach thousands of new customers who care about recycling and disposing of waste properly by using a licensed trader. No need to pay anything, simply quote on the jobs in your area you are interested in.

Boost your credibility

Working with us will help you to boost your credibility as we only work with reputable traders and are a brand trusted by our customers. We are determined to be the number one waste removal website.

An online presence

You will get an online profile page that you can customise to help attract customers on our site. This profile will also measure your reputation and will be easily found by people in your area and on the Internet.

Build reputation

Reputation is everything these days in business; let us help you protect yours by dealing with waste in an ethical and professional way. You will never need to compete with a fly-tipper on here. Our users will give you honest feedback and help you to build your customer base. Often customers who are impressed with any kind of service will continue to use the same trusted traders again and again, as well as refer them to their friends and family. In the long term, this will save you a lot of time and money.

Is this really free?

Yes, this service is completely free for traders and customers to use, you simply need to be one of the good guys and be properly licensed to carry and dispose of waste. We believe that anything that we can do to help with recycling as well as helping the environment is something to be proud of. So there are absolutely no fees of any kind, once you have joined and been approved you will be ready to go. We just ask that you do the very best job you can for customers.

Registering is easy

Registering, as a trader could not be simpler. Just use the button below. We have made it as simple as possible as we know you would rather be working on your business than filling forms in. We will then vet you to make sure you are correctly licensed, your membership here will continue as long as your licence, so it’s your responsibility to keep it up to date so ensuring you receive continuity of service. Normally, we aim to complete registrations within three business days.

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