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ClearWaste - Wave 105 at 6AM, 7AM & 8AM News
8th November 2019
Martin Montague & ClearWaste are on Wave 105 to discuss the 8% increase in flytipping the the millions of pounds it costs councils each year to clear up.
ClearWaste - Radio Solent Interview at Romsey Show
18th September 2019
Martin Montague discusses ClearWaste and what he's doing to work with local businesses and councils to help clean up the country, and to prosecute those responsible for illegal dumping of waste.
Martin Montague & ClearWaste on BBC South Today
16th July 2019
Martin Montague is joined by Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader of Hampshire County Council as they talk about the launch of ClearWaste and how it will help tackle fly-tipping across the UK.
Martin Montague & ClearWaste on BBC Radio Solent
15th July 2019
Martin Montague returns to BBC Radio Solent as the response and support from the local community continues to grow.
Martin Montague & ClearWaste on BBC Radio Solent
3rd June 2019
Martin Montague discusses the impact that Fly-tipping is having in our local communities and what he is doing to help tackle it.

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