Am I legally responsible for my rubbish, even if I pay for its removal?

Yes - When you hire someone to remove your rubbish, you remain legally responsible for the proper disposal. This means if your rubbish is illegally dumped or fly-tipped you are still liable for fines & legal action. The best way to avoid these fines is to use waste removal companies that hold a valid Environmental Agency License, as well as getting a Waste Transfer Notice. Thankfully ClearWaste handles all of this for you, so you can ensure your waste is disposed of in an ethical, environmentally conscious and legal manner.

What happens when I submit a fly-tipping report on ClearWaste?

All reports are sent to their local authority or council. This ensures that councils are kept informed of the illegal fly-tipping occurring in their area, and they can then work to remove and clear any waste. You will be able to view your report, and other reports submitted by concerned local community members. You can comment on reports to help provide information and updates, all which the council will be able to see.