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You can invest from around as little as £10 and own a share of ClearWaste's future. By supporting us you will be helping us to clean up Britain, combat fly-tippers and ensure waste is dealt with properly.

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Celebrity Backed TV & Radio Campaign

We have a 7.5 million impression TV & Radio campaign going live on the 28th September 2020 in the Meridian region featuring well known celebrities, including John Challis, Emily Head and Frankie Oatway.

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ClearWaste’s Journey

ClearWaste was founded by Martin who grew frustrated with fly-tipping in his local area and the high cost of disposing household waste. Despite paying for a removal service £200 to dispose of his own waste, Martin risked being issued a fine as it had been illegally dumped nearby.

To date, ClearWaste’s founder has invested more than £500k on launching and advertising the app. ClearWaste has been downloaded 30,000+ times, sends reports to 400+ councils and was rated as a Top 10 app in the Apple app store.

Martin Montague & Angela Rippon

ClearWaste tackles the two sides of the household waste removal process – the first being a vetted platform for waste removal comparison providers, ensuring users are paying for a genuine service provider with the necessary licenses.

ClearWaste receives a percentage of each quote that is accepted and paid for using the service. The second is a free to use app to report incidents of fly tipping direct to a local council.

ClearWaste featured in the top 10 apps on Apple App store

Heavily featured in the press

ClearWaste has been featured heavily in the press and on TV over 180+ times, including shows like Rip Off Britain, Filthy Britain SOS and major news outlets.

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Highly recommend

I’m so happy an app like this finally exists! It makes the whole process really easy.

TD9631, 07/07/2019

Everyone should download this app!

Good simple functionality and a rapid response to the issues the app is designed to raise.

Welch Charlie5, 24/07/2020

Useful and effective

Easy to use and stuff does get cleared / sorted within a few days. Well done.

Robert.123p, 25/07/2020

Superb app for a much needed problem

Fly tipping is a major issue and this solves it and makes it an easy and enjoyable process as well.

Mburtsygseh, 05/07/2019

Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.