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Fly-tipping in Slough

There have been 6 reports of fly-tipping in Slough over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Bath Road
Waste left by Rotunda Roundhouses added to by fly tippers
Fly-tipping in Park Road
House clearance waste dumped on the drive of a vacant house.
Fly-tipping in Church Lane
Bed on church lane stoke Poges Sl2 4PB
Fly-tipping in Bath Road
Washing machine and other rubbish from 10 windmill road
Fly-tipping in Langley Park Road
Bits of fridge, ironing board, black bags, loads of rubbish in ditch by lay-by.
Fly-tipping in Arborfield Close
Light blue mattresses, a white door and some other old furniture has been dumped near the general waste bins.
Fly-tipping in Brickfield Lane
Builders waste dumped at the top of the bridle way Leading to Brickfield Lane on the corner of Nashdom Lane. There are addresses on the cardboard Packaging which could help with prosecution.
Fly-tipping in Love Hill Lane
Builders waste, mainly wood
Fly-tipping in Gypsy Lane
Lay by on the left as you head down the road towards Templegreen Lane. Lots of black bags. I didn’t take a photo unfortunately, but there is lots there
Fly-tipping in Wordsworth Road
Household and garden waste dumped on the street corner. One box has a name and address of Mrs A Lasek Flat 3 , 35 Wordsworth Road, Slough
Fly-tipping in Black Park Road
Caravan dumped on the side of the road.
Fly-tipping in Stoke Road
Various fly tipping and overflowing bins in small car park next to building site by the canal