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Fly-tipping in Berkshire

There have been 136 reports of fly-tipping in Berkshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in A329
It’s underneath the bridge that has all the graffiti on it ( sorry I don’t know the name of the exact location) it’s on the riverside as you walk to towards the Reading town centre
Fly-tipping in Norfolk Road
Several bags of clothing dumped by bottle bank making it impossible to re-cycle glass
Fly-tipping in Elm Park Road
Reported this by telephone nearly 2 weeks ago! Reading Borough Council really aren’t that concerned about fly tipping.
Fly-tipping in Wordsworth Road
Household and garden waste dumped on the street corner. One box has a name and address of Mrs A Lasek Flat 3 , 35 Wordsworth Road, Slough
Fly-tipping in Richfield Avenue
Household waste, tyres, furniture, car batteries, fencing, building materials. Have reported to Reading Borough Council whom do not seem interested. Travellers remain on site having been there for 6 weeks
Fly-tipping in A329
Garden basketball post dumped in abandoned swimming pool car park
Fly-tipping in Curzon Street
Beds dumped over pavement
Fly-tipping in Beresford Road
3 mattresses dumped on pavement, van may have something to do with the waste.
Fly-tipping in Beresford Road
White sofa dumped on pavement, has been there at least 1 week
Fly-tipping in Kennedy Meadow
Fridge freezer washing machine sofas lights been dumped in our bin store hav contacted the housing association. But it does not belong to the block and I no who it belongs too
Fly-tipping in Cow Lane
Household waste and general rubbish including furniture dumped along public path leading to River Thames
Fly-tipping in Valentia Road
Bed and other household rubbish blocking pavement