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Fly-tipping in Blackburn

There have been 32 reports of fly-tipping in Blackburn over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Mosley Street
3 bags of rubbish dumped from 215 mosley street bb23rx clear evidence in one of the bags
Fly-tipping in Mosley Street
Full back alley of various waste bb23ry behind walsh street and dyson street. Also rats have been spotted
Fly-tipping in Southworth Street
Alley between Mosley street and Abraham street only cleaned up on Monday / Tuesday 4th & 5th May 2020 and theres rubbish dumped again
Fly-tipping in Mosley Street
Bags dumped top of Dyson Street/Mosley street
Fly-tipping in Frederick Row
Tv and a bush and rubbish
Fly-tipping in Queens Park Close
8 bin bags dumped
Fly-tipping in Mosley Street
The alley inbetween Mosley street and Abraham Street the full length
Fly-tipping in Bolton Road
Green waste,building waste and household is located on council land on the formerly BRFC the access road to the travellers site Ewood
Fly-tipping in Galligreaves Way
Bags of rubbish from flats
Fly-tipping in Saint Aidans Avenue
3 black bin bags of rubbish across the road on st aidens ave behind my house
Fly-tipping in Whalley New Road
Turn right off Whalley New Road jut past Tesco express go underneath the railway bridge and fly tipp on right hand side of road
Fly-tipping in Grange Road
Test wood