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Fly-tipping in Blackburn

There have been 32 reports of fly-tipping in Blackburn over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Wood Street
Not sure if it a private or public road. The whole right-side going down is full of fly tipped waste and mattresses etc. It's next door to a family run garage who have asked me to report it for them.
Fly-tipping in Wood Street
Next to Zeus building across from wood Street garage. It's becoming a real hot spot for dumping now. There's now more than in this picture
Fly-tipping in Edge End
Slates, plastic bottles, cans and general waste
Fly-tipping in Henry Street
General waste, & soft furnishings.
Fly-tipping in Saint Marys Wharfe
Van very dangerous rolled into wall Overflowing skip builders waste accumulating by the day.
Fly-tipping in Edward Street
I have cctv of 25 Edward st rishton dumping it. I told them I was reporting it. They wrote my address on it. I spray painted there address back on it. They dump rubbish in there yard. Then dump loads every week at the top of the ally.
Fly-tipping in Cavendish Place
The rubbish that has bee left is in the alley way behind scar St... Full bathroom suite and all the wrapping plus a lot of mixed waste
Fly-tipping in Queen Street
I messaged you a few weeks ago regarding a bin outside my property full of asbestos - this is still here please could you organise for this to be removed asap. Thanks
Fly-tipping in High Street
On the car park at the bottom of school street. Different types of waste dumped in a huge pile.
Fly-tipping in Meadow Head Close
Bags of clothes left on grass verge have been here for a few weeks
Fly-tipping in Chester Street
Rubbish bad left near lamppost
Fly-tipping in Alan Ramsbottom Way
Onto the allotments off Alan Ramsbottom way. Near where the wood chipping get left.