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Fly-tipping in Blackpool

There have been 17 reports of fly-tipping in Blackpool over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Cheltenham Road
Fly-tipping in Palatine Road
Black Bag and White plastic bin liner of mixed waste.
Fly-tipping in Keats Close
Old tv
Fly-tipping in Highfield Road
Behind 251 highfield road and the houses either side, rubbish and old parts of 251s garage been scattered around the alley weeks
Fly-tipping in Keats Close
Dishwasher and chair
Fly-tipping in Camden Road
Bed mattresses constantly chucked out in alley behind house and general waste each week deposited
Fly-tipping in Keats Close
Garden waste...
Fly-tipping in Holyoake Avenue
Bricks and more importantly glass that is in a vertical position and very dangerous to children who play amongst the reed bed where this refuse is. Or Police who enter the land to detect crime. It is quite possible employees are responsible.
Fly-tipping in Selbourne Road
The dump waste is in the rear of Fenton road fy1 3rt alleyway the rear of 6/8/10/20/26/28
Fly-tipping in Whitegate Drive
At the Back of the shops and flats is a alley, you get to this from the top of Mere Road, somebody as dumped a old bed last month, and another yesterday, they are at end of alley by garages
Fly-tipping in Portree Road
Old chair, glass table, old discarded carpet. Located on grass verge along side 28 Portree road
Fly-tipping in Cromwell Road
Number 36 Cromwell road have thrown a white sofa and other furniture in the back alley of Cromwell road