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Fly-tipping in Borough of Halton

There have been 11 reports of fly-tipping in Borough of Halton over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Grove Street
Brown leather couch on waste ground under the bridge between grove street and Lord street
Fly-tipping in Speakman Street
Chair at the side of the bins at the side of 25 Speakman street
Fly-tipping in Morphany Lane
Apologies for my Wrong location earlier. It’s the same fly tipping but it’s along Morphany Lane not Newton Lane. Theres 3 lots of tipping at 2 sites, towards both ends of the lane.
Fly-tipping in Newton Lane
3 separate fly tip sites along the length of this road. Check the whole road!! Wood, plastic gutters, planks, a table
Fly-tipping in Speakman Street
Looks as so there is a bag of toys, a pram and other things
Fly-tipping in Linkway
Bin open and overflowing onto the pavement. Someone has dumped a slow cooker and contents onto pavement too. Its attracting flies and an awful smell for those waiting at the bus stop next to it
Fly-tipping in Egerton Street
Ripped out kitchen and fireplace, and other wood strewn near wall and end of alleyway. Including sink, oven and ither bits. Van seen parked here tea time yesterday, man with curly hair walking about the area.
Fly-tipping in Trentham Street
This has been here for a number of weeks. Bound to be an address of perpetrator.
Fly-tipping in Picow Street
This area is overridden with waste.
Fly-tipping in Arthur Street
General household waste, bottles and glass. Empty flat pack furniture boxes. Probably chucked over the fence from the houses. The fence was newly erected 12 months ago the area behind may belong to network rail??
Fly-tipping in Nazareth House Lane
Fly-tipping in Clarence Terrace
This has been at: Side of parish Church back of the school for over a month now. Appauling. Hopefully there is evidence there too.