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Fly-tipping in Borough of Halton

There have been 14 reports of fly-tipping in Borough of Halton over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Picow Street
This area is overridden with waste.
Fly-tipping in Arthur Street
General household waste, bottles and glass. Empty flat pack furniture boxes. Probably chucked over the fence from the houses. The fence was newly erected 12 months ago the area behind may belong to network rail??
Fly-tipping in Nazareth House Lane
Fly-tipping in Clarence Terrace
This has been at: Side of parish Church back of the school for over a month now. Appauling. Hopefully there is evidence there too.
Fly-tipping in Cavendish Street
This waste has been here for a number of weeks now.
Fly-tipping in Moss Lane
Huge pile of tyres on the road and in the adjacent field. Oh, and a washing machine! Head to Moore Nature Reserve over the bridge and turn left, the tyres are about half way down the lane.
Fly-tipping in Arthur Street
Household waste dumped in alley way from Station.
Fly-tipping in Weston Point Expressway
Underneath the footbridge. It was part of the old approach road to the Silver Jubilee Bridge. This road is now closed. Rubbish probably dropped off footbridge
Fly-tipping in The Decks
General rubbish, bottles, cans.
Fly-tipping in Water Street
Lots of plastic sheeting and general rubbish, bottles, cans etc
Fly-tipping in Suffolk Street
Household waste.
Fly-tipping in South Road
All manner of waste here that I have just stumbled across on a walk. People say it's been there for a while.