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Fly-tipping in Borough of Halton

There have been 14 reports of fly-tipping in Borough of Halton over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Hankey Street
People have been dumping in this area for months now, it continually added to. Household waste and other things. Its just an eyesore. Can be located from weston expressway and across footbridge from Runcorn station
Fly-tipping in Lord Street
3 bags of garden waste
Fly-tipping in Hale View
Old carpet and bits of wood
Fly-tipping in Fleetwood Walk
All kinds of furniture household rubbish
Fly-tipping in Alexandra Grove
Fly-tipping in Daresbury Expressway
Duvet , food waste 5 bin bags
Fly-tipping in Weston Point Expressway
I'm receiving increasing complaints at this location, as well as rat sightings. There is increasing amounts of domestic waste appearing by the day. This will need immediate attention please.
Fly-tipping in Balfour Street
2 fridges and 1 trolley
Fly-tipping in The Glen
fridge freezers in various places on the Glen palacefields. Runcorn sick to tired of this now feeling really low due to lazy and inconsiderate people .
Fly-tipping in The Knoll
Bed etc mattress
Fly-tipping in Russell Road
A matress has been reported at this location. It's been there a while.
Fly-tipping in Percival Lane
Fridge freezer discarded.