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Fly-tipping in Borough of Halton

There have been 11 reports of fly-tipping in Borough of Halton over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in The Glen
washing machine and exercise machine plus rubbish
Fly-tipping in Collier Street
Bun bags left at corner of Collier and Brindley
Fly-tipping in Collier Street
6 weeks worth of household rubbish left outside number 17 Collier Street. Stinks and nobody can use the path.
Fly-tipping in Saxon Terrace
In the alley way, all over the floor and over flowing red bins(that belong to the imperial, however the imperial isn’t open anymore)
Fly-tipping in Bankside
Conifer trees and cuttings on car park area of Red Brow Lane Runcorn.
Fly-tipping in Duke Close
Christmas decorations dumped near football field.
Fly-tipping in Collier Street
Waste from 17 Collier Street dumped outside gate blocking public footpath.
Fly-tipping in Collier Street
These bags have come from number 17 Collier street. They have tried to fly tip household waste like this before. They claimed they didn’t know they couldn’t dump the bags. They let them build up for weeks behind their house.
Fly-tipping in Egerton Street
A huge amount of what looks like garden waste dumped here.
Fly-tipping in Speakman Street
Bin bags full of rubbish to the side of 25 Speakman Street been there about a week
Fly-tipping in Maple Avenue
Left in cut through between Maple Avenue and Sycamore Road. Dumped today (29/06/2020 - in the morning). Noticed as it is adjacent to the rear of my property
Fly-tipping in The Glen
Settee and rubbish.the Glen is a regular dumping ground