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Fly-tipping in Bristol

There have been 18 reports of fly-tipping in Bristol over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
At end of Heath street. Overflowing bins, bin bags, discarded waste.
Fly-tipping in Sandy Park Road
Fridge freezer on sandy park road
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Pile of stuff against column by bin under underpass and a few metres away are 2 mattresses.
Fly-tipping in Graeme Close
In bushes
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Pile of waste in middle of junction on triangle shaped ‘island’.
Fly-tipping in Vimpany Close
Old sofa thrown away. The lane behind Vimpany close
Fly-tipping in Napier Road
On Napier road (BS5 6NT), when you first drive into the road on your right, there’s a mattress, then there’s a couch with lots of bags and more bags further down.
Fly-tipping in Grittleton Road
On verge opposite 153 Grittleton Rd
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
On Stapleton road, bottom of Glen Park, under underpass, two sites of fly tip, approx 4 metres away from each other.
Fly-tipping in Monks Park Avenue
In Car Park at Grittleton Road Alottments. Business being conducted from there by Dean Williams JDR Garden Services. This should not be tolerated by residents and alottment holders.
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
2 couches, some wooden shelves and some boxes of things including a horse mask. This is under the m32 next to the small bike crossing
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
At end of Glen Park, opposite side of road, beside pillar, under underpass. Just by public bin. There is named and addressed paperwork amongst the waste.