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Fly-tipping in Bristol

There have been 11 reports of fly-tipping in Bristol over the last month.

Fly-tipping in Foundry Lane
Furniture and bags of rubbish
Fly-tipping in First Avenue
A fridge freezer has been dumped near to the bus stop that is just up from the woods entrance
Fly-tipping in Foundry Lane
Domestic waste (Inc nappies/food) strewn in the hedges of the public footpath running between Byfield Services and the old McArthurs Yard which runs from Holly Lodge Road to the public carpark by Whitehall Rugby Club.
Fly-tipping in Mina Road
Looks like a large poof/stool which is next to the bin at the entrance of the community garden
Fly-tipping in Saint Anne's Park Road
A corner settee with chair has been dumped just past the opening to the woods.
Fly-tipping in Newbridge Road
Discovered this morning on a dog walk - it was dumped overnight as it wasn't there yesterday afternoon.
Fly-tipping in Oak Lane
Sofa and fridge freezer
Fly-tipping in Headley Lane
More tyres, more tipping 3rd/4th time it's been cleared and re-dumped. Also tyres on the pavement down the road. Pretty sure this is commercial level dumping.
Fly-tipping in Vale Lane
More tyres chucked in the river. This is a repeat offender as every time is cleared more arrives. Camera maybe?
Fly-tipping in Feeder Road
Several bags of rubbish dumped up and down the street along with some fire extinguishers
Fly-tipping in Chaplin Road
Food waste
Fly-tipping in Sampsons Road
Shopping trolleys full of dumped household waste and furniture