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Fly-tipping in Bristol

There have been 8 reports of fly-tipping in Bristol over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Filton Avenue
The settees were in the garden of 70 Filton Grove BS7. They are now in the back lane behind the house along with the rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Bottom if Boswell street across the road propped again column under M32.
Fly-tipping in Mariners Drive
Household waste, bedding and carpet. There are also waste bags in the bush
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Pile of waste on cut through beside Invatech Health at back of Lick’in Chicken.
Fly-tipping in Severn View
Just opposite the plant nursery on the footpath. It's a torn open bag if clothing
Fly-tipping in Home Ground
Metals, plastics..In a heap at the side of the road
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Looks like sofa or parts of sofa bed or seating. Discarded under M32 by skate park.
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Discarded sofa on pavement on Stapleton road just beyond the M32 cafe.
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
At end of Heath street. Overflowing bins, bin bags, discarded waste.
Fly-tipping in Sandy Park Road
Fridge freezer on sandy park road
Fly-tipping in Stapleton Road
Pile of stuff against column by bin under underpass and a few metres away are 2 mattresses.
Fly-tipping in Graeme Close
In bushes