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Fly-tipping in East Riding of Yorkshire

There have been 11 reports of fly-tipping in East Riding of Yorkshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in A1079
Several huge flytips in the ditch next to the lay-by, probably a lorry load in all.
Fly-tipping in Pasture Road
Fridge freezer and child car seat further up street
Fly-tipping in Pasture Road
Over flowing bins and assorted rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Hull Road
Looks like someone’s been camping out
Fly-tipping in Oak Lane
Looks like outers of copper wiring
Fly-tipping in Highgate
They have been reported but so far not picked up
Fly-tipping in Cambridge Road
Sofa and headboard have been dumped at the top of the tenfoot, this is then being moved ad blocking access to houses. This has probably been dumped by the latest people to move into the flats.
Fly-tipping in Highgate
Mattress, exhaust, bread maker, drawers...
Fly-tipping in Highgate
Mattress, black bags of waste and draws
Fly-tipping in Etton Dikes
One bag a tree and one bag next to tarmac.
Fly-tipping in Jackson Street
In the back ally on the odd number side waste near rear off 27 Jackson street
Fly-tipping in Hackforth Walk
2 mattresses originally they were outside 7 Hackforth walk