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Fly-tipping in East Sussex

There have been 21 reports of fly-tipping in East Sussex over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Abbey Drive
Pile of car parts in corner of public carpark
Fly-tipping in Eatenden Lane
Several bin bags, contents of some strewn along the lane
Fly-tipping in Eatenden Lane
Three large leather seats and assorted bags
Fly-tipping in Church in the Wood Lane
Down the end of the lane to the church, in the woods/church car park
Fly-tipping in Seaside Road
There are some wooden chairs and a large planter that have been dumped outside Cloister Court. There is also some rubbish and evidence of drug needle use in the stairwell to the right off the building
Fly-tipping in Fairview Lane
In minor lay-by under trees. Mostly timber like broken old pallets or broken wardrobe.
Fly-tipping in Essex Road
More fly tipping also it’s a women caught her dumping a lawnmower this morning but didn’t have my phone to take photo I believe she may come from one of the houses in Kent road ...
Fly-tipping in Warrenwood
Lay-by. Near gate . Mattress, garden rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Essex Road
More rubbish dumped was only cleared last week now they’ve started again who ever they are it must being done at night as it’s just building up again ...
Fly-tipping in Parsons Close
House hold rubbish by closed play area
Fly-tipping in South Road
Just off the roadway. You can’t miss it.
Fly-tipping in Tower Road
Pavement next to Gooch Upholstery. A fridge and other bits and pieces.