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Fly-tipping in East Sussex

There have been 21 reports of fly-tipping in East Sussex over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Redwell Avenue
Waste has been dumped in this gateway, yet again. Cameras would be a good deterrent as this is a continuous fly tipping area.
Fly-tipping in A27
Black bin liners and board
Fly-tipping in Potman's Lane
Sofa furniture
Fly-tipping in Moor Lane
Fly-tipping in Church Road
Sofa, cupboard
Fly-tipping in Battle Road
Large amount of furniture and bedding in lay-by and on hedge
Fly-tipping in Telham Lane
Large amount of waste partially blocking road
Fly-tipping in Battle Road
Office furniture, large desk, chair etc. attempt has been made to partially obscure it by taking it further into bushes
Fly-tipping in Redwell Avenue
Some has kindly dumped their black bags full of rubbish in someone’s gateway. This area is getting ridiculous for fly tipping, cameras need installing.
Fly-tipping in Eatenden Lane
Cement bags
Fly-tipping in Rickney Lane
Building waste,bags of plasterboard and wood and plastic box
Fly-tipping in Folders Lane East
Bed frame and mattress in layby. Left between 07:40 07/02/2022 & 17:00 07/02/2022 ( date in tear cam video incorrect)