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Fly-tipping in Essex

There have been 99 reports of fly-tipping in Essex over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in North Hall Road
Burnt out car
Fly-tipping in Childerditch Lane
Builders Waste
Fly-tipping in Steeple Road
40+tyres, polystyrene packaging and plastic and general waste . In forest off layby on steeple rd, mayland cm36eg
Fly-tipping in Elizabeth Way
Walk through from Elizabeth way to Harlow FC and material is dumped on right of path
Fly-tipping in Wivenhoe Road
10 plastic tied bags . Looks most like garden waste. Just off road behind a bush in farmers field.
Fly-tipping in Walton Road
Bags of waste left at the junction , being ripped apart by seagulls
Fly-tipping in Mendip Road
Black bags of rubbish, white plastic furniture, vacuum cleaners and other non recycling plastic waster piled up in the bushes and on the grass.
Fly-tipping in Thistley Green Road
Old chairs
Fly-tipping in Gosbecks View
A TV in a recycling bag on Cunobelin Way by the lay-bys on the pavement
Fly-tipping in Golden Lane
Between Greyfriars and Laurel Lee golden lane. Laurel Lee have carried out work on property for the last two years and dumped the spoils on a shared access road. Mixed materials could contain asbestos.
Fly-tipping in Plume Avenue
binbags- been there for months
Fly-tipping in Dagwood Lane
Rubbish been there for two weeks