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Fly-tipping in Gloucestershire

There have been 22 reports of fly-tipping in Gloucestershire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in A436
Fly-tipping in Bristol Road
General rubbish and a large black plastic bin bag thrown over the fence. Located alongside the footpath near to the subway.
Fly-tipping in Berwick Lane
Sofa and Garden Waste, Plastic chair. All over road and a danger to traffic. Please Remove ASAP as its stopping vehicles entering and leaving our works
Fly-tipping in Pettigrove Road
On the corner of Pettigrove Road and court road. In the field by bushes
Fly-tipping in Bristol Road
Looks like asbestos roofing and drain pipes dumped next to farm gate by footpath. Just along track from Cog Mill entrance
Fly-tipping in Montpellier
A Samsung tv has appeared on the pavement outside our front door. 1 Spa Villas Montpellier. gl1 1lb
Fly-tipping in A44
A large sofa and a Christmas tree. Plus assorted plastic bin bags - full - a bit further down road, same side, at junction near A44
Fly-tipping in Sabre Close
By poo bin no. 65
Fly-tipping in Washingpool Hill Road
Two bags of rubbish next to 30mph signs
Fly-tipping in Norcote Cottages
A pile of clothing and toys, set back from the main road on a track next to the gate.
Fly-tipping in Sims Lane
Large tv
Fly-tipping in Rookery Lane
6 car tyres at side of public road