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Fly-tipping in Manchester

There have been 65 reports of fly-tipping in Manchester over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Elizabeth Street
Lots of bin bags blocking the whole pavement so we have to walk on the road.
Fly-tipping in Elysian Street
Fridge and freezer appliancss
Fly-tipping in Connie Street
Huge pile of bags and waste
Fly-tipping in Bridle Road
Been there ages old binbags with waste spilled out, also more up the hill.
Fly-tipping in NCN 62
Bags of waste all spilled out, been there for ages, some also up the hill behind.
Fly-tipping in Clarence Avenue
2 Mattresses and other large items, some of which are on the road
Fly-tipping in Paprika Close
Bags dumped
Fly-tipping in Philips Park Road
Just off the road, by the footpath through the Jewish cemetery. Electrical and household waste, a large amount not visible directly from Philips Park Road.
Fly-tipping in Westcroft Road
Someone keeps targeting the Community centre, large pile of household waste and a door
Fly-tipping in Balmoral Road
The resident of 59 Balmoral is raising his fence panel and dumping rubbish on the land behind his property
Fly-tipping in Spring Vale
Sofa and poufe/cushion
Fly-tipping in Cranbrook Road
There were several black bin bags dumped out of a burgundy Renault Megane reg NX08 XBS. I was unable to take a photograph of them due to driving but pulled over to write a description.