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Fly-tipping in Salford

There have been 5 reports of fly-tipping in Salford over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Pembroke Street
About 5 bags of rubbish have been flytipped at the entry jct of Cardigan Street and White Street.
Fly-tipping in Ashley Street
Wood, builders materials and rubbish at the far end of the street on both sides. It looks like a tip.
Fly-tipping in Hebden Avenue
Think it is privately owned. Near school. Litter needs to be removed and brambles and grass sorted. Evidence provided. Fenced off. Please contact owner of land.
Fly-tipping in Weaste Lane
Behind Willows Surgery. Video attached. Please identify owner of this land and request they clear this area. Think this is private owned.
Fly-tipping in Britannia Street
All along the river and the flood basin is tonnes of rubbish. It would need a team to pick up along the river bed and paths and flood basins Man united youth ground and along the river irwell in the flood basin
Fly-tipping in Meadow Road
Buckets, workers trash, some sort of wall section or door.
Fly-tipping in Harvest Close
1 March 2021 10am Heard some noise so looked outside window. Saw new looking black hatchback flytipping on Harvest Close entrance. Couldn't see license plate or anything through hedge
Fly-tipping in Linen Court
Looks like a sewage container, children are playing with it 🤷‍♂️
Fly-tipping in Deacons Drive
General waste, names and addresss too !!!!
Fly-tipping in Bolton Road
Waste left again
Fly-tipping in Duchy Road
Done in quick mode so needs slowing but an absolute disgrace never cleaned by council !!
Fly-tipping in Duchy Road
Next to the tip - always fly tips here surely there’s camera ? Noticed this on here a few times now nothing ever done by Salford city council