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Fly-tipping in Greater Manchester

There have been 197 reports of fly-tipping in Greater Manchester over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Gathurst Street
Mattress left at side of the house
Fly-tipping in Grange Road South
At bus stop on
Fly-tipping in Stern Avenue
Mattress and children’s toys dumped on street corner
Fly-tipping in Whitworth Way
Fly tipped rubbish
Fly-tipping in Warrington Road
Chest freezer, carpet, plastics, metal.
Fly-tipping in Warrington Road
Chest freezer. Plastics. Carpet metal
Fly-tipping in Ambleside Close
MICROWAVE PRAM FRIDGE Dumped here, 12 AMBLESIDE CLOSE ARE ALWAYS DUMPING WASTE OUTSIDE The rubbish on floor plastic bottles are also thrown out of the car who lives there too
Fly-tipping in Douglas Street
Bags next to walking path
Fly-tipping in Cemetery Road
At the end of Cemetery road past the industrial site just before the pathway to the canal
Fly-tipping in Booth Avenue
Owner of vehicle decided to drive and dump three bags of waste in our street waste instead of at their own property
Fly-tipping in Barlow Road
Household waste and a fridge
Fly-tipping in Spa Road
From one end of subway all way through including hyper-dermic needles