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Fly-tipping in Greater Manchester

There have been 197 reports of fly-tipping in Greater Manchester over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Jowett Street
Household waste,wood,sheet of polystyrene bucket of paint
Fly-tipping in Middleton Road
Household wsste
Fly-tipping in Crescent Road
More dumped last night, this time at the other end of Back Crescent West, the whole back street is a dumping ground.
Fly-tipping in Crescent Road
On back crescent road west, behind the fruit and veg shop. It along the entire length up too Ena Street. It's disgusting and smells. Happening on a weekly basis. We need camera's or something.
Fly-tipping in Dean Street
Sofa, wood, food waste, plastic chopping board, flask, baby bouncer, carpet, boxes, bin bags, plastic bottles and suitcase
Fly-tipping in Kenworthy Lane
Garden waste
Fly-tipping in Ashkirk Street
Waste tipped
Fly-tipping in Hawthorn Road
Just inside the entrance to the common (park)
Fly-tipping in Kenworthy Lane
Three dumps of waste at the end of Kenworthy Lane before the motorway bridge
Fly-tipping in Twirl Hill Road
It's in the middle of the road!
Fly-tipping in Dean Street
General waste, boxes, buggy, suitcase, baby bouncer, plastic frame, cushions and carpet
Fly-tipping in Dean Street
General waste, boxes and plastic tray