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Fly-tipping in Alton

Fly-tipping in New Odiham Road
Pond liner filled with rubbish on a public path.
Fly-tipping in Tilney Close
Dispensed.humid.smiles on What.three.words. Bath or pond liner basin containing household rubbish. On muddy footpath leading slightly west of north from Southfields View along edge of council fields towards farm.
Fly-tipping in Mary Lane
General builders waste
Fly-tipping in Mallards
Fly-tipping in Old Odiham Road
Abandoned lorry or tractor tyre left on the roadside verge
Fly-tipping in Orchard Lane
Garden waste and a gas bottle
Fly-tipping in Gid Lane
washing machine wood off cuts cardboard and other house hold items added overnight
Fly-tipping in Vicarage Hill
A box of rubbish that has been dumped out of someone’s car - no doubt!!
Fly-tipping in Shell Lane
Edge of road household waste
Fly-tipping in Mary Lane
In a gate way next to the road on Mary lane, mattress, washing machine. Table
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
On either side of road building rubbish wood etc
Fly-tipping in Headmore Lane
Fridge, bed and table left by a gateway in Mary Lane in the left going towards the A32.