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Fly-tipping in Portsmouth

There have been 7 reports of fly-tipping in Portsmouth over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Stamshaw Road
The same place is constantly used as a dumping ground.
Fly-tipping in Stamshaw Road
Large stack of bin bags, potentially from the pub as this is their regular dumping spot.
Fly-tipping in Derby Road
A bin bag, cardboard box and what looks like a blind. Wasn't there only a few hours ago this morning.
Fly-tipping in Stamshaw Road
A clothes airer as well as a small bag of junk.
Fly-tipping in Portsdown Hill Road
General waste, some wood and garden material
Fly-tipping in Bredenbury Crescent
Fridge freezer dumped on footpath outside my house
Fly-tipping in Stamshaw Road
Some wood and rubber / flooring mat has been dumped here for some time now.
Fly-tipping in Stamshaw Road
Big bag of waste that contains beer mats and other rubbish from the pub. It's clearly from the pub over the road.
Fly-tipping in Pitcroft Road
Household waste as well as some home renovation waste dumped in some bins by the alley. Been there a few weeks so not intended for collection. Likely from the house next door as they have some of the same stuff in their front garden.
Fly-tipping in London Road
Piles of waste in bin bags, down the alley between the estate agents.
Fly-tipping in Bevis Road
Household waste and plastic boxes.
Fly-tipping in Birkdale Avenue
Huge pile of rubble, trade bags of grit and wood