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Fly-tipping in Hereford

Fly-tipping in Glowson Wood Road
Lots of blacks sacks and rubbish dumped in middle of walkers marcle ridge carpark
Fly-tipping in Marcle Walk
rachel payne of 21 marcle walk has been dumping her rubbish, you can see in the photos her name and address on the boxes.
Fly-tipping in Glowson Wood Road
Fly-tipping in B4348
About half way along this cut through just off the B4348. Old carpets and about 7 old paint pots, contents unknown. A very easy place to drive in one way and out the other without being seen.
Fly-tipping in Glowson Wood Road
Car tyre marcle ridge lane
Fly-tipping in Bridge Lane
Just inside woodland area behind council "no fly tipping" sign on the roadside.
Fly-tipping in A49
Bags of waste, cot, mattress and these black bags full of chopped up pig. Some decomposed and moving due to maggots.
Fly-tipping in York Close
Large amount of fir tree branches
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
3 gas canisters on downhill Side of road
Fly-tipping in Ledbury Road
A microwave in Rose gardens on the bench
Fly-tipping in Hinton Crescent
Near to bishop meadows entrance to park big tv
Fly-tipping in Lower Bullingham Lane
Mixed waste and clothes