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Fly-tipping in Herefordshire

Fly-tipping in Baregains Lane
Old toilet pan dumped in field gateway on right side of road heading from Ledbury towards Little Marcle. Further on,on the left side opposite Lower House, is a big metal panel, propped up against a post. It looks like it has come off a van.
Fly-tipping in Poolend Courtyard
2 gas canisters and a bag of collected rubbish
Fly-tipping in Winston Road
On western pavement about no. 44
Fly-tipping in Glowson Wood Road
Lots of blacks sacks and rubbish dumped in middle of walkers marcle ridge carpark
Fly-tipping in Hoovers Lane
Household waste as pictured dumped on the south side of the Hoover’s Lane just east of the junction with Hawthorns road
Fly-tipping in Marcle Walk
rachel payne of 21 marcle walk has been dumping her rubbish, you can see in the photos her name and address on the boxes.
Fly-tipping in Glowson Wood Road
Fly-tipping in B4348
About half way along this cut through just off the B4348. Old carpets and about 7 old paint pots, contents unknown. A very easy place to drive in one way and out the other without being seen.
Fly-tipping in Corpus Christi Lane
Two sofas have been dumped in the alcove by the rubbish bins next to my flat block
Fly-tipping in Glowson Wood Road
Car tyre marcle ridge lane
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Insulation dumped in wood, close to Tinkers Corner
Fly-tipping in B4220
Roofing materials in plastic bags