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Fly-tipping in Hertford

There have been 7 reports of fly-tipping in Hertford over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Thieves Lane
Old broken fencing & industrial building site White sand Sack on green where the Ridgeway meets the junction of Emily Road.
Fly-tipping in The Ridgeway
Multi-coloured upturned sofa at the edge of Heybridge court, Hertford.
Fly-tipping in Archers Green Lane
Large white refrigerator
Fly-tipping in Mount Pleasant
In lay-by off the the track by the sign to the nature reserve
Fly-tipping in Foxholes Avenue
Mattress dumped on road on corner of Page Road / Foxholes Avenue
Fly-tipping in A602
Wood and office chair
Fly-tipping in Foxholes Farm Drive
Fridge freezer and lots of wood/plastic household waste small tipper size load tipped between 1900-2000hrs 24-12-19
Fly-tipping in Buckwells Field
Green bag of builders small wood. Just off kiddies playing fields
Fly-tipping in Sacombe Road
Old sofa & cushions off Sacombe Ed on footpath
Fly-tipping in Palmer Road
Old sofa & cushions on public footpath off Sacombe road
Fly-tipping in Thieves Lane
Full fly tipped caravan