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Fly-tipping in Hertfordshire

Fly-tipping in Luton White Hill
Commercial light fittings. In passing place.
Fly-tipping in Codicote Road
It is on Sheepcote Lane towards the Codicote Lane end. Lots of old decking with nails and screws sticking out. Also, plastic drums leaking some black oil substance.
Fly-tipping in Whitewaybottom Lane
Builder’s waste
Fly-tipping in Hogg End Lane
Bits of wood & domestic waste. Amazon packaging with name & address
Fly-tipping in Searches Lane
It’s in the road not far from the junction with Blunts Lane. Some garden waste plus bits of wood, bags, large bits of cardboard.
Fly-tipping in Whempstead Road
On bridle way 042
Fly-tipping in Cooters End Lane
Cardboard/plastic all over narrow country lane. fool left tv box with name and address. Hope appropriate action is taken against such criminal activity with no regard for the wildlife and people who walk and drive on this lane.
Fly-tipping in Luton White Hill
General household waste and rubble. Visible from road. Right in front of 'no fly-tipping' sign
Fly-tipping in Cucumber Lane
Bags of building waste dump at the side of and on road. Glass every where
Fly-tipping in Blunts Lane
General rubbish. See photograph. I've also put a blue marker on the map for the location
Fly-tipping in Bedmond Lane
Fridge freezer & general waste
Fly-tipping in Luton White Hill
Blocking the byway