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Fly-tipping in Stevenage

Fly-tipping in Ascot Crescent
Litter bins have been emptied and left. Bin is also full.
Fly-tipping in Durham Road
Lots of wood and what appears to be table dumped on grass
Fly-tipping in Walkern Road
General rubbish on public footpath to Benington circular walk
Fly-tipping in Walkern Road
Tyres and plastic waste in lay-by
Fly-tipping in Old Knebworth Lane
Mixed waste
Fly-tipping in Humber Court
3 black refuse bags , one blue shopping bag and a trivial pursuit box.
Fly-tipping in Sefton Road
Litter and some bigger bits
Fly-tipping in Mildmay Road
Bbq left for several weeks
Fly-tipping in Walkern Road
Tyres, bits of in car sound systems, bags of rubbish unknown liquids etc
Fly-tipping in Six Hills Way
This was dumped in the woods a few weeks ago, not sure if it’s still there but was shocking to see. Lots of kids stuff etc. All dumped in the middle of beautiful woods here in Stevenage Herts.
Fly-tipping in Harvest Lane
Branches, logs, tree cuttings
Fly-tipping in Ely Close
Old divan bed base and other junk