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Fly-tipping in Watford

There have been 4 reports of fly-tipping in Watford over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in The Spinney
Fly-tipping in The Spinney
2 mattresses left by gate
Fly-tipping in Boundary Way
Garage rubbish like doors tyres and huge bag with items inside it as shown in picture
Fly-tipping in Hampermill Lane
Mattress resting against the outside of my property on the pavement.
Fly-tipping in Chester Road
Ironing board, mattress etc on pavement by entrance to builders yard
Fly-tipping in Queens Avenue
Fly-tipping in North Orbital Road St Albans Road
Truck tyre, plastics, glasses bags and cans. Opposite Mullany’s coaches laybay.
Fly-tipping in Benskin Road
Arm chair covered by a red sheet
Fly-tipping in Queens Avenue
Building / decorating materials on the corner of Chester road and queens avenue
Fly-tipping in Saint James Road
Alley between 73 and 75 st James Road. Someone has left a white mattress. We think it may have been left on Friday night
Fly-tipping in Hilfield Lane
Can't remember exact location but definitely on this road. Abandoned caravan full of rubbish. Probably building waste. This was taken over a week ago so may already be aware.