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Fly-tipping in Welwyn Garden City

There have been 4 reports of fly-tipping in Welwyn Garden City over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Kingsley Court
Washing machine filled with rubbish,roofing felt and wood
Fly-tipping in Gypsy Lane
Old carpet & underlay. Was dumped within last 1.5 hours. Was not there when I went by on walk.
Fly-tipping in Heay Fields
Wooden bed frame
Fly-tipping in Lemsford Village
In lay by, there is wood, metal, etc.
Fly-tipping in Holwell Hyde Lane
Building waste disposed of in ditch on holwell hyde lane between the farm house and the lake. The van was abandoned when it got stuck in the ditch whilst flytipping.
Fly-tipping in Sherrards Mansions
Two old sofas at passing point on rectory road
Fly-tipping in A1(M)
Two loads of waste dumped either side of the entrance to the farm where Goldline Auto services are based. It is being added to regularly as I walk this way and can see it’s getting bigger,
Fly-tipping in Timbercroft
Broken WH Council brown bin. Been there for months.
Fly-tipping in A1(M)
I’m field near bend by phone mast. Track from great north rd, by glassing works. Almost blocking track
Fly-tipping in Blythway
General household waste
Fly-tipping in Hollybush Lane
It’s by the paper and cardboard recycling bin. Car Reg which did it was KU66 XBZ - large red car. Man and woman.
Fly-tipping in Thistle Grove
Bags in ditch alongside Holwell Hyde Lane