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Fly-tipping in Dover

Fly-tipping in Abbey Road
Five fridge freezers been dumped in road way
Fly-tipping in Shakespeare Road
Matresses, beds and cabinets
Fly-tipping in Swanton Lane
On the left hand side before you join Lydden Hill. At entrance to field with livestock is a bathroom suite and household waste.
Fly-tipping in Clarendon Street
2 fridges and a washing machine also located in alleyway behind Clarendon street
Fly-tipping in Clarendon Street
3 fridges, 2 mattresses. In alleyway behind Clarendon street
Fly-tipping in Snargate Street
Loads of boxes and rubbish flung everywhere
Fly-tipping in Snargate Street
Boxes of junk have been dumped alone with suitcase. The wind is blowing it over the road
Fly-tipping in Abbey Road
Purple bags and house hold waist
Fly-tipping in Ackholt Road
Bags of rubbish in passing place
Fly-tipping in Barfrestone Road
Fridge freezer on byway
Fly-tipping in Long Lane
Down byway builders waste. Blocking a public right of way please remove urgently
Fly-tipping in Long Lane
Lots of it in the woods! Not far from the house on the long lane!