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Fly-tipping in Bootle

Fly-tipping in Heysham Road
Two discarded fridges, building rubble, huge amounts of litter, mostly loose, some in ripped bin bags. Already reported several times but no reaction.
Fly-tipping in Heysham Road
Dumped industrial fridge and various other debris - horrendous litter
Fly-tipping in Unnamed Road
Bin bags filled with litter
Fly-tipping in Fleetwood's Lane
Old television dumped
Fly-tipping in Saint Oswalds Lane
Sofa dumped
Fly-tipping in Bridge Lane
2 full bin bags with food and other rubbish; one bag’s been ripped open probably it has food waste in it and is attracting rats.
Fly-tipping in Saint Jerome's Way
Sofas dumped
Fly-tipping in Cambridge Road
Mattress dumped in ally blocking fire exit
Fly-tipping in Clare Road
Dumped mattress in back alley of cambridge road and Clare road
Fly-tipping in Chester Avenue
Mattress, bin bags, sofa cushions, prams, etc.
Fly-tipping in Scott Street
Private waste left in public alleyway
Fly-tipping in Hollinhey Close
4 bin bags of cans, bottles, fast food rubbish.