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Fly-tipping in Liverpool

There have been 6 reports of fly-tipping in Liverpool over the last month.

Fly-tipping in Wellington Street
The bin men failed to collect the residents refused then the driver of the Mercedes drove up and dumped 2 more bags of rubbish
Fly-tipping in Kilburn Street
A bunch of Amazon Boxes and a few black bags. In a side alley just of Kilburn Street at the Linacre Road end
Fly-tipping in Primrose Court
Hi, Good morning, some one came while we are away from home and trow a huge rubbish and flooring tiles and wood and run away, I report this because it's fire risk to be like that, I hope the council can remove it ASAP Best regards Khaled Baleid
Fly-tipping in Butleigh Road
The resident in number 16 Butleigh rd L363SP Told her teenage son to dump this rubbish wood swimming pool and mattress it was witnessed by other residents She dose this a few times a year
Fly-tipping in Dam Wood Road
Household waste coming from the next door neighbour at number 2 and they also dump it behind our fence at number 4
Fly-tipping in Endmoor Road
I have reported this once but it looks like only the bike frame has been removed, looks like the contents of someones wheelie bin.
Fly-tipping in County Road
There are flats above a tattoo shop located at the bottom of Winslow Street. There is a mattress outside the flat, it was dragged to the communal bins we have. It’s the second time this week they’ve dumped a mattress.
Fly-tipping in Stanley Road
Waste is on waste ground awaiting development and ran into public road constantly being reported to council
Fly-tipping in Deacon Court
Duvet dumped by usual suspects
Fly-tipping in Sugarbrook Drive
General waste by side of road
Fly-tipping in Love Lane
Household waste wood
Fly-tipping in Kingsthorne Park
End of road by park