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Fly-tipping in Prescot

Fly-tipping in Fluker's Brook Lane
Household rubbish
Fly-tipping in Croxteth Lane
Household rubbish over croxteth Hall Lane, near M57 Bridge crossing. Lots and lots of rubbish tipped over the verges. Both sides of the motorway and on both sides of the lane.
Fly-tipping in Croxteth Lane
Plastic bags with household rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
Old TV etc in brook
Fly-tipping in Old Lane
2 roof aerials, old boiler box, other metal
Fly-tipping in M57
Building waste plaster
Fly-tipping in Blundells Lane
Blocking public footpath access and access to private property
Fly-tipping in Selborne
Chairs, mattress' etc
Fly-tipping in Second Avenue
A number of black bin bags behind longton news and booze and a large quantity of building waste further down towards rear of second ave
Fly-tipping in Fluker's Brook Lane
General domestic waste
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
Builders waste facia boards etc
Fly-tipping in Weaver Avenue
2 bags have just been dumped on the road and then the driver just sped off