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Fly-tipping in Prescot

Fly-tipping in Croxteth Lane
Loads of bin bags and waste dumped over the bridge into the woods close to Knowsley lane. Smell is discusting
Fly-tipping in Coronation Drive
Baby cot and other baby items microwave and shopping trolly full of plywood tipped during the night at the side off a house and some thrown over the fence
Fly-tipping in Bardley Crescent
General household waste, old suitcases, builders materials, etc. Area is plagued with rats. Some of this has been there for months.
Fly-tipping in Croxteth Lane
It is a combination of all kinds of waste multi drops. Household and builders waste. It is all down the embankment near to the security camera.
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
More fly tipping. This time what looks like asbestos roof panels have been added to the cannabis farm waste reported yesterday....
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
Various building materials- potentially asbestos cement roofing and what appears to be a commercial ventilation system. Could possibly be hazardous waste.
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
Looks like another cannabis farm dump. We walk past here every day and the local council only removed a cannabis dump last week.
Fly-tipping in Weaver Avenue
Back of YMCA charity shopping. People dumping unwanted items. Fire risk to the residents who live above the shop.