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Fly-tipping in Wirral

Fly-tipping in Shorefields
General waste
Fly-tipping in Lever Causeway
The side of Levercauseway on the right hand side coming from Bebington
Fly-tipping in Earlswood Close
Plastic bags of/ and loose concrete rubble
Fly-tipping in Seafield Road
Girl who lives down stairs at number 8 keep throwing her rubbish out the back
Fly-tipping in Landican Lane
On the verge,electrical goods,ironing board and packaging
Fly-tipping in Landican Lane
Household rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Pikes Hey Road
Black bags with beer bottles sticking out
Fly-tipping in Bradgate Close
In big green bags and plywood sheets
Fly-tipping in Chester Road
Walking my dog and I found this. Walked my dog here last week and it wasn’t here then so it has been dumped recently.
Fly-tipping in Wirral Circular Trail
came across it on a walk. Heaps of litter just dumped 🤬
Fly-tipping in Earlswood Close
Garden waste & single mattress, various detritus and more garden waste
Fly-tipping in Arrowe Park Road