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Fly-tipping in Merseyside

There have been 42 reports of fly-tipping in Merseyside over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Lowbridge Court
Bed left in the bin
Fly-tipping in Robins Lane
Armchair and barriers.
Fly-tipping in Sutton Oak Drive
Mattress and tubs plenty of them dumped
Fly-tipping in Meadow Lane
Building waste and general waste. Because this area is behind the garages, fly tippers are constantly leaving their rubbish here
Fly-tipping in Astonwood Road
Cream leather sofa which has been left at the entrance to the alley gate for several weeks.
Fly-tipping in Denman Grove
Burnt out motorcycle/ refuse sacks
Fly-tipping in Carr House Lane
Boxes and empty kitchen appliance boxes. Laminate flooring boards at the end of the road
Fly-tipping in Delamere Avenue
Old speakers, bags of rubbish, cushions
Fly-tipping in Longmoor Lane
Mattress dumped on waste land between end house and she'll garage
Fly-tipping in Birley Street
Builders waste together with a parasol chairs and other waste from this wine bar.
Fly-tipping in North Park Road
Garden waste beyond the White House
Fly-tipping in Millerscroft
Behind the big White House