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Fly-tipping in Merseyside

There have been 20 reports of fly-tipping in Merseyside over the last month.

Fly-tipping in Ashbrook Terrace
laminate flooring plastic bags
Fly-tipping in Crosfield Close
Old Trampoline just dumped at the entrance/exit to a carpark it could easily fall and hit a car
Fly-tipping in Granby Street
Dishwasher and kitchen furniture
Fly-tipping in Ashby Close
Carr Lane, Moreton. Approach from Birkenhead Road. General rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Noctorum Lane
Garden waste - blocking lane
Fly-tipping in Willowbrow Road
Domestic crap, along with nitrous oxide cannisters.
Fly-tipping in Old Kennel Close
Green bin bags and Cream gas cartridges very large ones and lots of them.
Fly-tipping in Ravenhead Road
A smashed up caravan
Fly-tipping in Cambridge Road
Ally is blocked can't get out the back
Fly-tipping in Willowbrow Road
Nitrous oxygen cannisters, mostly empty. Have cleared balloons and all associated crap and recycled it.
Fly-tipping in Bennett Street
Number 3 is renovating the property & since then, slate, cardboard (from new kitchen) & guttering have been left in the alley way.
Fly-tipping in Hale Drive
Fridge freezer