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Fly-tipping in Merseyside

There have been 18 reports of fly-tipping in Merseyside over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Dodd Avenue
The patches of grass at the bottom of Ellison Drive and also the grass on Dodd Avenue turning into Fairclough Road. In fact the whole of Ellison Drive has rubbish scattered around.
Fly-tipping in Keswick Road
People are fly-tipping behind the car park which is preventing the children from playing behind their own houses
Fly-tipping in Leighton Road
Furniture and bags with litter.
Fly-tipping in Morpeth Wharf
The area is starting to become an illegal dumping ground. The gates have been breached and vehicles are accessing freely.
Fly-tipping in Bayview Drive
General waste. Stone bay near Derby Pool pub, Harrison Drive
Fly-tipping in Warwick Street
Old car parts on land behind 18 bitch Street entry between 18 and 16.
Fly-tipping in Meadow Lane
Household waste, paint tins, wood,
Fly-tipping in Haven Road
Gates to land forced open again and more dumped
Fly-tipping in Lampeter Road
Household waste full bins mattress box with dumpers address on 46 Lampeter road
Fly-tipping in Gladstone Road
CCTV images shows unknown woman putting rubbish bags in front of the house gate and fence once at 9pm and more bags at 10pm. There seems to be bags of the same type in front of other houses within the area (also attached)
Fly-tipping in Meadow Lane
Household waste, wood, empty paint tins, nappies, rubble, duvets. This area is a hot spot for fly tipping as it is behind the fence that belongs to the Lidl. The rubbish runs right along the side of the fence towards St Paul's Road.
Fly-tipping in Ashby Close
2nd report. General waste