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Fly-tipping in Merseyside

There have been 12 reports of fly-tipping in Merseyside over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in Brook Hey Drive
New houses half built and left, kids have pushed down railings and play in the empty houses, and there is loads of stuff like bags and couches etc.
Fly-tipping in Kinnerton Close
Discarded furniture. This Lane must be a regular ‘hotspot’ for fly tipping. Please consider covert CCTV.
Fly-tipping in Stevenson Crescent
The old cemetery off Hewitt Ave and Marsden Ave. it’s full of rubbish everywhere, only took a couple of pic’s because I was in a hurry. It’s full of bottles rubbish etc.
Fly-tipping in Rock Park
Bin bags dumped by side of road
Fly-tipping in Keswick Road
When the skip is taken they’ll leave most of the rubbish behind as they’ve done before. Bold skips should remove all the rubbish and not just throw it on the floor to be left.
Fly-tipping in Fluker's Brook Lane
Général waste plus nitrous oxide canisters
Fly-tipping in Washington Road
Old front door thrown over fence
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
Kitchen & bedroom furniture
Fly-tipping in Alder Lane
Mattress and bedroom furniture
Fly-tipping in Claude Road
This is the entry of Claude and Lampeter road l60bu it’s a disgrace every week full bins not empty for months constantly fly tipping reported it loads of times nothing ever done about it , should have to live like this it’s a disgrace
Fly-tipping in Hinderton Road
This bin had been here for at least THREE MONTHS! I spoke to the bin man 4 weeks ago if they could collect it and they refused!?!?!? On the ground that is not in their flopping list??!!??
Fly-tipping in Ash Grove
The land lord abandoned this stuff - it’s a residential street