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Fly-tipping in Merseyside

There have been 10 reports of fly-tipping in Merseyside over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in The Score
TV packaging bottom of the hill by driving range Builders waste on car lay-by
Fly-tipping in Vista Road
Access through bushes to Country park from Vista Road. Opposite 40mph sign. Various rubbish dumped inside the path. Car bumper, Asbestos, Garden Waste, Pipes and General Rubbish.
Fly-tipping in Weaver Avenue
Back of YMCA charity shopping. People dumping unwanted items. Fire risk to the residents who live above the shop.
Fly-tipping in Saint Luke's Church Road
17 bags of waste. At the back of the path that runs alongside range high school
Fly-tipping in Saint Luke's Church Road
13 Bags of waste at the end of the sandy path
Fly-tipping in Electric Avenue
Builders waste opposite Liverpool food hub hgv entrance
Fly-tipping in Warrenhouse Road
Various household items
Fly-tipping in Craven Street
Metal beds, paint pots, garden rubbish etc
Fly-tipping in Winwick Road
Waste dumped near winwick lane Warrington
Fly-tipping in Lingham Lane
Bin bags, cardboard packaging from a delivery with evidence of address. loose household waste.
Fly-tipping in The Crescent
Bed mattresses and cupboard dumped at the entrance to rear access of shops.
Fly-tipping in Wirral Circular Trail
Car seats and general bagged waste