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Fly-tipping in Middlesbrough

Fly-tipping in Low Lane
Wood, old bed, builders bags
Fly-tipping in Waymar Close
charity bag abandoned
Fly-tipping in Westbourne Road
shopping trolley
Fly-tipping in Salton Close
Abandoned motorcycle
Fly-tipping in Otley Avenue
A large rolled up carpet
Fly-tipping in Fulbeck Road
TV mattress and bed base and bags of waste in the rear lane
Fly-tipping in Newport Road
Hi can you please send someone to clean up the the flying tipping at the back ? It may cause fire hazard is dangerous.
Fly-tipping in Tower Green
Lots of wood , plastic and glass on side of road , its got nails in it and my dog nearly cut himself on it its also and eyesore , further up the road towards myplace there is loads of glass on the side of the road, its extremely dangerous
Fly-tipping in Beckenham Gardens
On the field near the bushes there is a burnt shopping trolly with rubbish in it, and a matress
Fly-tipping in Hollowfield
Not only is this an eye sore but it could also be a easy target for arsonists and potentially be a fatal incident as its near lots of bushes and houses
Fly-tipping in Urswick Close
Domestic waste with envelopes with address on it
Fly-tipping in Strait Lane
PVC plastics waste near bt office