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Fly-tipping in York

Fly-tipping in Burton Stone Lane
Chris wrappers again half eaten. Will creat a rat problem. Chips shop feeding who looks like a homeless guy every day and he eats them and dumps them in bus shelter
Fly-tipping in Haxby Moor Road
House hold junk chairs bedding cloths tilesand lights it is down a lane that leads to a phone mast and is used for access to several farmers fields
Fly-tipping in Peter Hill Drive
Sofa, sofa cushions, bags of rubbish
Fly-tipping in Thief Lane
Food waste, bottles, cans and supermarket trolley in alleyway. Bin collection not due for another week.
Fly-tipping in Stripe Lane
Bed & matrass
Fly-tipping in Water End
It would appear since 0830hrs this morning someone has discarded what's left of a BBQ at the location. Down the path towards Millennium park accessed from Garnet Terrace
Fly-tipping in Green Lane
The waste is old carpet, 2 piles, an old fridge freezer and old car tyres at the top of the bridleway on the left
Fly-tipping in Stripe Lane
Motor Pieces and plastic oil containers.
Fly-tipping in Chapel Lane
Fridge plus household waste
Fly-tipping in Feoffee Lane
Van seats and big white compost bags full
Fly-tipping in Askham Lane
Cans , bottles , charity fliers , glass.
Fly-tipping in Stripe Lane
Old doors stripe lane Overton