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Fly-tipping in North Yorkshire

There have been 33 reports of fly-tipping in North Yorkshire over the last 3 months.

Fly-tipping in A6055
Building waste
Fly-tipping in A172
Billing waste and fridges
Fly-tipping in Studley Road
Concrete blocks left on side of road on public footpath - has been there for months - left by builders working at 26 Studley road
Fly-tipping in Fletton Road
This has been there for over a year now and still no one even try’s to get it moved it’s just added too
Fly-tipping in Middlefield Lane
Large amount of plastic at side of road
Fly-tipping in Albion Road
Huge load of flat clearance rubbish has been dumped in Albion Back Road and the BLUE BINS behind my flat and Marleys pub. Evidence in the rubbish shows that it has come from Garden Flat, 8 Albion Road which has been vacated by the tenant this week.
Fly-tipping in Stubbs Road
Rubbish in verge
Fly-tipping in Ley's Lane
Please see photos. Some kind of toxic waste. The smell is Absolutely disgusting Can’t believe people would do this to such a beautiful place. This is the worst I’ve seen, but it’s a regular spot for dumping . Something has done about it.
Fly-tipping in Middlefield Lane
Tyres in verge
Fly-tipping in Haxby Moor Road
House hold junk chairs bedding cloths tilesand lights it is down a lane that leads to a phone mast and is used for access to several farmers fields
Fly-tipping in Nursery Close
House rubbish
Fly-tipping in Peter Hill Drive
Sofa, sofa cushions, bags of rubbish